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Bariatric Scale, Wireless
600/1,200 lbs capacity Bariatric Scale(PCB-604, PCB-1204)

bariatric chair

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Bariatrics Unlimited is privileged to present to you this incredible, award-winning scale system! Innovision Devices has re-invented the wheelchair scale, providing a dignified, portable means of accurate weight measurement to the health and medical community.

    4-Pad Scale System

    • Ultra portable lightweight design, each pad weighs less than 3 pounds
    • Easy access for manual or powered wheelchairs
    • 600 or 1200 pound limit, excellent for bariatric patients
    • Wireless, battery powered
    •Energy efficient, batteries guaranteed to last over one year
    • Easy set-up, less than two minutes
    • Great solution for doctor’s offices, hospitals, spinal rehab centers, dialysis centers, occupational therapists, home health aides

1-Wireless Controller
• Wireless Controller stores up to 42 patients
• Monitors Patient’s weight up to 100 days
• Simple user interface
• Excellent range up to 30 feet from scale pads
• Download data to PC via mini USB cable (not included)


Warranty: 2-Years

Your Price: $2,495.00

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